Velvet antlers baths

Taking healing velvet antlers baths is a unique possibility to enhance overall energetic state of your organism.

Taking velvet anthlers baths helps to improve blood circulation, accelerates tissues angenesis, encourages total rejuvenation of the organism, and this is far from the full list of its healing features.

Velvet anthlers baths are recommended for such diseases as:

  • Low immunity (by means of high concentration of micro elements and amino acids in velvet anthlers, the procedures help to increase immunity and help one's organism to fight different diseases);
  • Metabolic disorder (taking velvet anthlers baths systematically helps to lose and stabilize weight);
  • Cardiovascular system problems (taking baths positively affects the state of the heart and blood vessels);
  • Genital sphere dysfunction (taking velvet anthlers baths systematically helps to increase potention and recover reproductive functions);
  • Locomotive system diseases;
  • Recent infections;
  • General weakness, rapid fatigability.

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