Bath house services in the privat rooms

There are 8 baths rooms decorated in different styles from the style of Russian fairy-tales to Roman and Indian at your disposal.

Every room is equipped with a cosy lounge room, massage department, where a bathing procedures specialist in may be invited, a hot tub and, of course, a classic Russian steam room.

The rooms are designed to keep a company of 4-15 guests. Advance booking is possible.

The guests of the Bath Rooms are provided with two sheets for rent, single-use slippers, shower gels and shampoos during their visit free of charge. Also the guests of the Bath Rooms are provided with guarded parking places on the territory of the complex (one parking spot per one room).

From 22:00 to 06:00 extra charge for rooms rent, all goods and services is applied.

The price is for 1 hour of rent, the minimum room rent time is 2 hours.

Sadko / Lukomorie / Kupetcheskiy (Merchant's) / Roman / Candaria / Soviet / Kamchatka / Baikal

Detailed information is available by telephone: +7 (495)782-18-08 (83 15)